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Hi hater…

So today I was faced with a ….”challenge”…in my opinion it was no challenge at all….

So I have this “friend”, well, not anymore…who decided to say some nasty things about me, all of which are untrue….so he starts off by calling me an asshole, because I didn’t answer his phone call when I was busy. Fine, whatever, if that pisses you off, I don’t care.  Then he goes on to say things like I’m a “bitch”, I’m “short and fat”, I’m an “ugly whore”, and that my bullying story is a load of crap….he also told me that I just wanted my fifteen minutes of fame and went and cried to the media. Okay well if that’s what he wants to think fine, I’ll let him, because he has only known before three months, at most….He said, why don’t you go write a blog about you being cyber bullied.  Okay you said it, that’s what I’ll do….oh big bad bully I’m so scared. I’m gonna go cry… *rolls eyes*

Honestly, stuff like this can’t hurt me anymore, and the only reason I actually wanted to blog about it was to show my followers out there that it will take time, but eventually you will be able to ignore the haters and their comments like this.  A long time ago, in high school I would have let this bother me, but now it just makes me laugh at how immature people can still act even in their old age.

YOU know the truth, and that’s all that matters, you don’t haveto convince anyone otherwise…if they want to fabricate things and make up lies, go ahead, let them….you’re what matters, not them.


have a wonderful week everyone ❤ i love you all, even my haters out there 😀tumblr_mfml4pEHes1s1y84io1_500

Ex Marine brutally beaten after standing up for bullied teen

Ex Marine brutally beaten after standing up for bullied teen

I just saw this in the news, it’s heartbreaking what these kids are doing these days, bullying needs to stop, and I’m so happy this man stepped in to help these people getting bullied….what a great soul, and I hope for his speedy recovery!

It also really upsets me how they mentioned in this article that these kids who were bullying and beating the ex marine are NOT being charged with a hate crime? No more slaps on the wrist, something needs to be done, and the consequences must be more severe

Some words I have received since my article was published..

So since my article was published a few hours ago I got so many nice messages from all different people…people I don’t know, people I do know…friends, family, coworkers, and even some people from high school! It really meant a lot especially from people in high school….these particular people never bullied me, but their words meant more than anyones…here are some messages I’ve received from a few people…

-“hey i just saw your article! im so sorry that you had to go through all that…i know we werent great friends but I always thought you were super nice”

-“Until I read that, I had no idea you were 5 feet tall. You know, not that that matters much, because it takes a very tall, big person to do what you’re doing. Jerry Lewis once called Bob Sampson, who was the Vice President of United Airlines and who had muscular dystrophy and was in a wheelchair, “the tallest man in the room”. And that’s how I feel about you. You’re the tallest woman I know. What a beautiful thing you’re doing. ”

-“Jessica Warzoha, I couldn’t be more proud to know you!! You’re one of the greatest examples of a person who is beautiful on the outside and inside – also that it’s possible to be both.”

-“So happy my friend Jessica Warzoha decided to step forward and tell her story. Really proud of her and behind her dreams all the way! ♥”

-“You are truly an inspiration to everyone and singlehandedly restore faith in this sometimes ugly world. I can’t tell you how proud I am of your strength and dedication to making a difference in life, one suffering or insecure person at a time. I can relate to your story in many ways.. even though I’ve never had a problem speaking up for what’s right or for others, over the past few years I’ve learned how to speak up for myself and make damn sure I’m heard. I’ve also mastered the skills of not letting anything negative bring me down- and how to find the beauty in each struggle, any situation, every day, and every person. Bullying, or even just all things related to it resonate hugely in my heart personally and always have. These stories disgust and sadden me.. I’ve thought of how I could help if I was able to but never really came up with an answer to the degree of what needs to be done, which you’ve taken upon yourself and have successfully done. Words can’t describe how admirable everything is that you have not only done, but are doing. Please reach out to me any time for anything (seriously, anything) and if you need some help with the anti bullying campaign or could use some material for creating new blog postings  I’m not afraid to share anything personal, I actually welcome it with open arms. *BIG hugs and kisses for you* xoxox”

-“YOU are a blessing to the world, and that has nothing to do with how tall you are. You go girl!”

-“Way to go Jess – just read your article and blog…it’s great to see you have found your voice 🙂
Proud to call you my friend and coworker!!
Cheers to you”

-“Dear Jessica,

I admire your courage for speaking out about bullying and telling your story about high school. Being one that can relate to having a difficult high school experience I can relate to having to had building my confidence and realizing my self-worth. Its sad that years after our graduation, and tragedies that have been happening in schools this is still on going. Being physically, mentally and emotionally abused can damper any self image no matter how brave and strong one person is. I know what it’s like to have been a teenager that was ashamed and alone . Your actions and your blog are very moving to me and definitely stuck a chord. You are beautiful person thanks for sharing.”

And a few other comments like, amazing, inspiring, wonderful, so proud of you!


All of these people coming forward and saying these nice things to me has really made my night, my weekend actually….I couldn’t be happier at this moment 🙂



So as I am sitting here, reading the eulogy for Bart Palosz, a boy who took his life a little over a week ago, a passage stuck out to me…

“As individuals we need to reach out more, embrace people’s differences, watch out for one another, and most importantly, pass these traits to our children. Schedule play dates for your children with others that are perhaps not their obvious choice, take the time to get to know peers that are maybe considered different and take an interest in them. The simple observation that, “kids can be cruel” is not action, it is an excuse, an inequitable pardon for those whose actions lead to us being here today and an excuse for not teaching our children well.”


His life being taken away by bullying is a tragedy, and we need to stand up…it’s time to take action instead of sitting around waiting for the next person to do it.