A friend

A brave friend of mine, Lina, came forward and wanted to share her story with me, because she feels it is so important to let others out there know, they are not alone.

“On my first day of school, when I was called “Shaggy” the guy from scoobie doo, little did I know it was about me, until they said it to my face. They called me that because of how skinny I was and my long chin. When I went home crying to my parents, they didn’t care.  Finally it came time to choose a high school, & I chose one that would let me get away from everyone. It wasn’t until the second week of school that people started calling me names like “crimson chin”.  My parents still didn’t care, picking on me themselves.  Sometimes I would walk by the school and see writings that said “Lina is the crimson chin” and I went into a deep depression and started to hurt myself.  Luckily high school flew by, but that didn’t mean I was able to gain back my self esteem or confidence.  After high school I went to college and it started all over again.  Soon after I went online I found myself talking to a guy who worked down the street from me, and how he wanted to meet me.  That wasn’t my plan that particular day, my plan was to leave school, go home, and commit suicide.  I was just tired of everything and felt so low.  Instead of going straight home I decided to stop at his job to meet him.  The first thing he said to me when he saw me was “wow you’re even prettier in person”.  How did he know that’s exactly what I needed to hear?  I had to leave, so he told me to come back and visit, and when I went home I was smiling from ear to ear.  Myoriginal plan I decided not to go through with, and I found myself falling for this guy more everyday…This was two years ago, today we are engaged and expecting a beautiful baby boy, my life is not perfect but now I have two people, my fiancé and my son, the stranger who saved my life, and the soon to be baby boy who I am already in love with.”

Thank you, Lina, for sharing your story!



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