Hi hater…

So today I was faced with a ….”challenge”…in my opinion it was no challenge at all….

So I have this “friend”, well, not anymore…who decided to say some nasty things about me, all of which are untrue….so he starts off by calling me an asshole, because I didn’t answer his phone call when I was busy. Fine, whatever, if that pisses you off, I don’t care.  Then he goes on to say things like I’m a “bitch”, I’m “short and fat”, I’m an “ugly whore”, and that my bullying story is a load of crap….he also told me that I just wanted my fifteen minutes of fame and went and cried to the media. Okay well if that’s what he wants to think fine, I’ll let him, because he has only known before three months, at most….He said, why don’t you go write a blog about you being cyber bullied.  Okay you said it, that’s what I’ll do….oh big bad bully I’m so scared. I’m gonna go cry… *rolls eyes*

Honestly, stuff like this can’t hurt me anymore, and the only reason I actually wanted to blog about it was to show my followers out there that it will take time, but eventually you will be able to ignore the haters and their comments like this.  A long time ago, in high school I would have let this bother me, but now it just makes me laugh at how immature people can still act even in their old age.

YOU know the truth, and that’s all that matters, you don’t haveto convince anyone otherwise…if they want to fabricate things and make up lies, go ahead, let them….you’re what matters, not them.


have a wonderful week everyone ❤ i love you all, even my haters out there 😀tumblr_mfml4pEHes1s1y84io1_500


One thought on “Hi hater…

  1. Thanx for speaking up Jessica 🙂

    You have an uphill battle…your pursuit to stop bullying.
    Even that Sears Anti-Bullying campaign…they will collect names, put into a database..get some money for bags, then it will slowly disappear.

    I was physically and emotionally bullied from 1974 to 1980….My Guidance counselor knew i wouldn’t survive Greenwich High School so he suggested a Tech school instead. That decision changed my life, another school. The physical abuse waned and the emotional abuse not as bad, i was lucky. So i have come to the conclusion from my strong religious background to forgive one’s enemies. Nowadays, there are anti-harrassment rules…but those don’t go far enough…what is really needed is a camera in every hallway, bathroom, staircase, in all parts of GHS and a few people to watch every camera from 630am to 4pm. It’s not gonna happen this way….it’s too expensive. Instead, they have fewer cameras in major areas.

    THIS **** that is going on with Greenwich High School and many other high schools around the country…the strong picking on the weak….has been going on for decades. The Strong overcoming the Weak, is built into our DNA. Ideally, one would think that evil has no place in our world, but it does exist and it’s very difficult to control. So looking back over the past 40 years, there has been some progress at GHS…but not enough.

    The shows that they make on TV are violent and teach us more evil than we know.
    Bullying is ingrained into our society. Look at the wrestling on monday and friday nights now…Most men and boys 15 to 45 watch it, a lot. There are huge bullying stories going on there right now, very powerful bullying too. Big guy knocking out the little guy. Night after night, week after week….year after year, decade after decade.
    Think they will ever stop? nope…they dont care about Anti-Bullying issues..what they care about is their bottom line. Ticket and merchandise sales. Could you ever get the WWE to stop their bullying?

    Bullying is strongly related to Competition. Throughout the history of humankind, the strong survive over the weak. Women are attracted to strong or rich men. The weak fade away, while the strong of the species survives.

    Now here’s the making of a great movie…Imagine a world with no competition, no money, everything for free. Want food? it’s yours for free; want fuel? it’s yours for free. Governments would have to stop taxing. Private companies would have to go public. All the resources on the planet belong to everyone. There would be no more poor and no more rich. The 50 million in poverty now would now own a piece of everything. Poverty ends. The rich give away everything they have to everyone. No competition anymore. Wall Street would grind to a halt. Of course, all other countries would have to agree too. Banks would cease to exist because there would be no need to hold money. Competition of all forms stops and we all help each other. What if someone someday says they want more than their fair share? Then we are back to bullying over who gets more than the other. Imagine the immense repercussions of this whole scenario. Everyone helping each other. There would be no more wars too.

    Getting back to reality, our bodies have strong and smart bacteria inside….but if an invading bacteria enters the human body, the invading bacteria is suppose to be overwhelmed and then killed. It’s a case of Strong vs the Weak. Competition.

    Bullying has affected me so much that my anonymity is my power against evil.

    You and others can raise awareness to bullying, but could u ever get it to stop?


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